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UVMapper Professional for Windows v3.7
System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10
OpenGL version 1.1 or better
Video board with color depth of 16 bit (thousands of colors)

Highly recommended:

Hardware accelerated 3D video graphics board
Video board with color depth of 24 bit (millions of colors) or better

Completely updated, comprehensive help.

Supports multiple viewports with 16 different layouts.
Perspective view as well as 7 orthographic views.
Automatically displays inverted facets on the texture map.
Fully interactive, realtime texture mapping for all mapping modes.

Realtime, textured OpenGL 2D and 3D preview modes. 
Supports materials, transparency, smooth/faceted, wire frame, etc. 

Smooth models using three methods of subdivision surfaces. 
Control cage display available when using subdivision surfaces. 
New polar mapping mode - you can now map an entire head seamlessly.
All selection tools work in both 2D and 3D preview windows.

Toolbar for easy access to commonly used tools.
Completely rewritten undo/redo stack, limited only by available memory.
Import and export partial model uvs files.
Rotate selection by any angle.
Assign numeric UV coordinate to selection for exact placement.
Align selected texture coordinates horizontally/vertically.
Updated triangulation feature - use existing vertices or center of facets.
New - scale and spherify model tools.
Information popup now includes model surface area and texture surface area.

Select edge mode with automatic spreading of vertices.

New - automatic Relax UVs feature.

Many new selection tools:
 - Polygonal lasso selection tool.
 - Add to and remove from current selection.
 - Select by geometry or UV set, shrink/grow selection, etc.
 - Select degenerate, collinear, concave and n-sided facets.

Primitives include plane, box, cylinder, sphere and torus.

New primitives - icosahedron, dodecahedron, octahedron, tetrahedron.

Zoom and Pan tools - from 1% to 1000%
Ability to separate inside from outside of two sided models when mapping.

Many tools included:

 - Vertices: weld, split, reorder, displace.
 - Normals: smooth, fix seams.
 - UVs: stitch, weld, relax, align.
 - Facets: concave, degenerate, collinear, align, invert, triangulate, two sided.
 - Model: spherify, subdivide.

Easily create hard edges in Poser with the split vertices by angle feature.
Reorder vertices to share morph targets between models with common geometry.
Displacement mapping allows easy creation of complex models using primitives.
Extremely fast smooth feature, by selection or entire model.
Stitch together separately mapped pieces of a model with UVs stitch feature.
Triangulation of concave facets - fixed many boolean operations.

Complete material editor.

Built in texture maps for checking alignment.
Creates 24-bit, anti-aliased texture map templates.

Converts any 2D paint program (Photoshop, etc.) into a pseudo 3D painter.
 - Allows for immediate 3D preview of textures as they're being created.

Display vertex and facet normals in the 3D preview window.

Imports 2D file formats - BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TGA, TIF.

Automatically label groups/materials/regions on texture map templates.
Easily create texture templates for models with multiple texture maps.

Facet stress display mode clearly shows areas that need improved mapping.
Outline display mode places a dark outline around the model in the 3D preview.
Anti-aliased lines and points displayed in both the 2D and 3D views.
Check for updates feature allows you to easily see if you've got the latest version.

...and more!

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