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What's New

UVMapper Professional v3.6 has been released.  Support for the alpha channel in textures has been added, and the program has been updated to work well under Vista and Windows 7.  You can see a list of updates here, and can download your copy of the demo version from the downloads page.

UVMapper Professional v3.5 has been released.  There's quite a few improvements which you can see a list of here.  You can get your copy of the demo version from the downloads page.

UVMapper Professional v3.4 has been released.  It's been updated to run under the Microsoft Vista operating system.  You can get your copy of the demo version from the downloads page.

I've just updated the gallery with some more outstanding examples of texture mapping using UVMapper and UVMapper Professional.

UVMapper Professional v3.2 has been released.  You can get your copy of the demo version from the downloads page

I've also posted a new tutorial on creating texture templates for models with multiple maps.  You can see it here.

You can click here for a history of updates to UVMapper Professional 3.x.

UVMapper Professional v3.1 is now available!

There are too many improvements to list here, so please take a look at the features page.  You can download a copy of the demo version from the downloads page. 

Steve Martin has been hard at work on the OSX version of UVMapper Classic for Macintosh.  If you'd like to download a copy, you can do so herePlease read the known issues, and then post any reviews, comments, suggestions, etc. here.

I've updated my gallery to show some of the things people have been creating with the help of UVMapper and UVMapper Pro.  Please stop by and check it out.

Also, I'm still looking for images people have done with UVMapper and UVMapper Pro so if you've got something you'd like to have included, please contact me here.

I can't give too many details yet, but I've got an update in the works for the Windows version of UVMapper Pro.  This is a screen shot of how it looks at the moment.  A release date hasn't been set, but registered users will be notified when it's ready.  I plan on making this a free upgrade for all registered users so if you haven't yet ordered your copy, there's no reason not to do so now.

Also, Steve Martin has been making progress on a Mac OS-X version of UVMapper, more details as they develop.

I've added forums to UVMapper.com.  Topics include UVMapper Pro for Windows, UVMapper Classic for Windows and Macintosh, Tips & Tricks, Feature Requests, and Bug Reports.  Please stop by to give feedback, get some help, or just to let us know how you're using UVMapper to help solve your texturing problems.

The forums can be reached from the UVMapper.com main page, by clicking on the image to the left, or by clicking here.


I've added the ability to automatically label your texture map templates by group, material or region simply by selecting "Color by..." and checking "Include Labels" when saving your template.  If there's only one group/material/region or you've selected a black & white template, you'll get a generic "UVMapper Pro" label instead.

Getting tired of trying to guess which way the normal vectors on your model are facing?

New with UVMapper Pro version 2.0u I've added an option to the View menu for displaying both vertex and facet normals in the 3D preview mode.  You can also change the default color and scale of normal vectors in the Preferences dialog under the 3D View settings.

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